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Compamed 2018

  • Photonics Health - Components for Medical Applications

    Hamamatsu Photonics have been making every photon count in the medical and healthcare sectors since 1953.

    By partnering with Hamamatsu you ensure access to cutting edge technologies. We understand that flexibility is essential, so you will have access to both standard and fully customized components and systems to meet your requirements.

    If you are looking for an experienced partner to solve your technical challenges in the medical and healthcare fields, look to Hamamatsu.

    This webpage will give you an insight into just some of the many component, module and systems solutions available from Hamamatsu.

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    Energetiq @ Compamed

    Wednesday, 20. November 2019 @ 11.30 am – 2pm
    Speaker: Bill Grube
    Disruptive Light Source Covering Ultraviolet to Mid-Infrared Wavelengths Delivers Unmatched Radiance

    Compamed Suppliers Forum in Hall 8B G40 
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  • MPPC (SiPM) & Modules

    MPPC (SiPM)MPPC Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPM), are a type of photon counting detector made from multiple avalanche photodiode (APD) pixels operated in Geiger mode.

    The MPPC is a versatile semiconductor detector with excellent photon counting capability and other unique advantages such as low voltage operation, insensitivity to magnetic fields, high photon detection efficiency and high resistance to mechanical shocks.

    » MPPC® - Product Overview

  • Xenon Flash Lamps & Modules

    Xe-Flash Lamps

    Xenon flash lamps are more compact than continuous mode lamps and build up less heat.

    They provide a high-intensity continuous spectrum from deep ultraviolet light to ultraviolet light to visible light to infrared light.

    Thanks to improved electrode construction and materials, Hamamatsu’s xenon flash lamps also offer 5 times more arc stability than conventional lamps and also long life (10x longer life).

    » Xenon Flash lamps

    » Xenon Flash lamp modules

  • Photomultiplier Tubes

    Micro PMTPMTs have many advantages such as a fast response time and very low noise with a large active area.

    Although a well established technology, PMT use is continuing to grow in a diverse range of fields where highly precise photometric measurements are required. In the medical field, the PMT is used in clinical examination equipment as well as nuclear imaging and diagnostic systems.

    » Photomultiplier Tubes

    » Photomultiplier Tubes Modules

    » Micro PMT

  • Mini- and Micro-Spectrometers

    C12880MA - Mico-SpectrometerThe world's smallest (finger-tip sized) micro-spectrometer heads are suitable for integration into a variety of compact devices for many applications including Point-of-Care.

    Common interfaces such as USB ensure easy and fast integration. Different options including fiber adapters enable you to choose the optimum solution according to your needs.

    » Mini-Spectrometer

    » Raman-Spectrometer

  • Flat Panel Sensors

    Flat Panel SensorsX-ray flat panel sensors (FPS) using the world's largest CMOS image sensor combined with a FOS deliver higher S/N, higher speed and wider dynamic range compared to flat panel sensors using amorphous materials.

    Merging various advanced technologies enables us to develop X-ray flat panel sensors that ensure high-quality still or motion images with low distortion and highly detailed digital image data equal to the number of megapixels.

    These X-ray flat panel sensors are thin and lightweight, easily integrated into equipment, and are widely used for many tasks in X-ray systems.

    » Flat Panel Sensors

  • Scintillators

    Scintillator platesWith its needle-like structure, CsI offers great spatial resolution. For high timing resolution, LFS (Lutetium Fine Silicate) is the optimal choice.

    Unlike other scintillators, LFS has no deliquescence. Different substrates for special needs help to optimize the performance. To further expand the range of possibilities, Hamamatsu Photonics offers a flexible scintillator that can be attached to a curved surface.

    » Scintillator Plates

  • Gas & Breath Gas Measurement

    Hamamatsu Photonics provides various light sources and detectors for optical gas measurement from the ultraviolet to the infrared region. They can be optimally combined according to customer’s application.

    » Learn more

  • Flow Cytometry

    Flow cytometry is a technique of quantitative single cell analysis. The properties measured include a particle’s relative size, relative granularity or internal complexity, and relative fluorescence intensity.

    For this application we can offer several kinds of detectors (APD, MPPC, PMT) and also excitation sources (lasers, Xenon flash lamp modules). Due to our long experience with glass processing technology, we can also provide flow cells.

    » Flow Cytometry

  • Positron Emission Tomography (PET)

    By combining our MPPC device with circuit technologies, we offer optimized modules and circuits for PET.

    » MPPC for PET | » PET Instrument

  • Energetiq - Laser driven light sources

    Energetiq EQ-99XFC LDLSEnergetiq laser-driven light sources utilize a NIR laser to form a stable plasma spot inside a Xenon gas filled bulb.


    These unique light sources feature ultra-high brightness over a broad wavelength range (170 nm -2100 nm), and at the same time provide exceptional stability and extremely long lifetime.

    In addition, wavelength-tunable versions of the laser-driven light sources are available, which combine their ultra-high brightness with a highly efficient optical design, thereby allowing for unmatched scanning speeds.



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