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Hamamatsu Photonics

Technology Days 2019

Fresh from the Lab

  • We are delighted to announce the 5th Hamamatsu Photonics Technology Days; a series of free of charge technology related events held across Europe.


    This year's theme is "Fresh from the lab".

    We will present innovative solutions selected from Hamamatsu’s exclusive “Photon Fair 2018” event.
    Photon Fair is held every 5 years in Japan and is designed to introduce new technologies and products, and to give a ‘vision’ for future technology developments.

  • This is the preliminary list of venues - you can click on the city to see more details:

    » 18 Nov.  Solothurn, Switzerland
    » 19 - 20 Nov. London, UK
    » 21 - 22 Nov. Paris, France
    » 25 - 26 Nov. Stockholm, Sweden
    » 27 - 28 Nov. Munich, Germany
    » 29 Nov. Milan, Italy



    Don't miss the opportunity to join this unique event. There are a limited number of spaces available - register now and select the event / city you wish to participate.


    In Munich, Paris, Stockholm and London the first day will be a special evening event, which includes presentations from keynote speakers and a welcome reception.  It will be an ideal opportunity to network with likeminded people from industry and academia.


    Confirmed speakers so far:

    Tues, 19 Nov 2019 London Matthew Wasley  Knowledge Transfer Network, London
    Mon, 25 Nov 2019 Stockholm Dr. Jan-Erik Källhammer  Veoneer Sweden, Göteborg
    Wed, 27 Nov 2019  Munich Dr. Werner Ritter   Daimler AG, Stuttgart



  • Fresh from the Lab in:



    Analytics and NDT Low-dose X-ray imaging (source, imagers)
    Portable X-ray analysis (source, lens, energy-selective sensing)
    Ultra-short (light-excited) X-ray pulse source
    Portable micro-Raman
    Confocal microscopy module
    Tunable QCLs
    Compact FTIR engine for portable NIR/MIR spectroscopy

    MPPC/SiPM and 3D Imaging

    Recent advances in MPPC technology

    Multi-channel pulsed laser diode module

    Scanning engine for 3D imaging

    Novel applications of MPPCs and single-photon sensing
    VCSEL and Beam Steering VCSEL and VCSEL array technology
    Principles of computer-generated holography
    Large-area organic LEDs
  • Contact information

    Alexander Kirst


    Phone: +49 8152 375 118