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Hamamatsu Photonics

5th Technology Days


  • Welcome to Hamamatsu Photonics’ 5th Technology Day ‘Fresh from the lab’ in Paris!


    ++++ The registration for Paris is already closed - please contact us if you wish to participate ++++



    21st – 22nd November 2019

    21st - 17:30 - 21:30

    22nd - 09:00 -16:00



    Hôtel Renaissance Le Parc Trocadéro

    55-57 Avenue Raymond Poincaré

    75116 Paris


    What's on?

    This years’ event will take place at 17:30 on 21st November in a five-star hotel in a sought-after location in Paris. The evening will begin with a welcome reception and an industry focused presentation from our keynote speaker Dr. Philippe Perdu, a Former Senior Expert in microelectronics at CNES, Toulouse.


    Refreshments and canapés will then be served, providing you with an excellent opportunity to meet others in the industry.

    Please see below the agenda for the evening reception:










    Photonics21 - A shining European Technology Platform

    Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz, Hamamatsu Photonics


    Photon Swiss Knife, the perfect tool to do everything today and tomorrow

    Dr Philippe Perdu, Former Senior Expert in microelectronics at CNES / Toulouse


    Drinks and canapés



  • Technology Day – 22nd November 2019


    Technology Day will take place on the 22nd November from 9:30-16:00.


    With this year’s theme, “Fresh from the lab” Hamamatsu will introduce a range of technologies we have been closely working on in the following application areas: Analytics and NDT, MPPC/SiPM & 3D Imaging and VCSEL and Beam Steering.

    The day will offer a number of networking opportunities and we hope that the topics covered on the agenda will spark interest and debate amongst attendees.


    At Hamamatsu Photonics, we pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ needs and we hope Technology Days will offer a forum for discussion and an opportunity for us to learn more about the applications and products you are using in your given field.


    Please see below the agenda for day event:






    9:15 – 9:30



    9:30 - 9:35

    Welcome speech

    Mr Marc Pontoizeau, Hamamatsu Photonics France Managing Director

    9:35 – 10:30

    Novel imaging techniques for diagnostics and non-destructive testing

    Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz, Hamamatsu Photonics

    10:30 – 11:00

    Coffee break


    11:00 – 12:00


    Prof. Dr. Massimo Caccia, Universita Dell'Insubria

    12:00 – 13:30

    Lunch break


    13:30 – 14:30

    Large-area display technologies

    Prof. Dr. Peter Seitz, Hamamatsu Photonics

    14:30 – 15:00

    Coffee break


    15:00 – 15:30

    Talk on Innovative Solution for Indelible Glass Marking

    Mr Camille Midrier, Research & Development Engineer at Atheor

    15:30 – 16:00

    Talk on Smart spectrometers using Hamamatsu BT CCD

    Mr Brice Villier, OEM Product Manager at Horiba Scientific



    Mr Marc Pontoizeau, Hamamatsu Photonics France Managing Director


    If you would like to join us at ‘Fresh from the lab’ in Paris, please register via the below link:

    Click Here


    Spaces are limited so be sure to register as soon as possible!


    See you in Paris.

    Your Hamamatsu Team

  • Speakers & Abstracts

    Dr. Philippe Perdu

    Former Senior Expert in microelectronics at CNES / Toulouse


    Philippe Perdu was Senior Expert in microelectronics at CNES from 2002 to 2018. He led the VLSI Failure Analysis CNES laboratory from 1988 to 2016. His main activity was to develop techniques and to adapt tools for electronic components dedicated to space applications. It mostly concerned the FA process (defect localization).


    His other activities were to provide support to space projects (failure analysis at system / board / component level), to drive expertise roadmap (tooling) and to setup R&D programs related to VLSI expertise and reliability, to coach, train and supervise teams dedicated to these activities.

    He holds an Electronic Specialty MS, Ph.D. and HDR (academic research supervisor). He has authored or co-authored more than 239 papers and 25 patents.


    He chaired CCT MCE, a corporate network on electronic components and MEMS (2007 to 2011) and ANADEF, the French FA society (former President from 2005 to 2009, now Secretary). He was Board Member of EDFAS (Electron Device Failure Analysis Society), Organizing Committee Member of ISTFA from 2005 to 2014 (Technical Chair in 2010, General Chair in 2012). He is still a EUFANET (European Failure Analysis NETwork) Board Member, Associate Editor of EDFA Magazine, Editorial Advisory Board Member of Miroelectronics Reliability and Steering Committee Member of ESREF (Vice-Chair in 2015). He has participated in ESREF, ISTFA, IRPS, IPFA conferences as Author, Committee Member and session Chair.


    He is doing research on optical testing (static and dynamic laser stimulation, laser probing and emission microscopy) and defect localization in 3D devices. He is deeply involved in CNES / NTU cooperation and was Adjunct Senior Principal Research Scientist at Temasek laboratories @ NTU from 2016 to 2018 and is Intraspec Technologies Scientific Advisor since 2011.


    Presentation: "Photon Swiss Knife, the perfect tool to do everything today and tomorrow"


    Abstract: The ways photons can be used for applications are not limited. Whatever you are doing, there will be photon based tools and techniques to help you. The key to success is the understanding of the problem you would like to solve, the knowledge of already existing tools, suitable adaptations and evolutions to build the perfect fit for your needs.
    In this keynote, I will overview families of applications, related to heating, machining, measuring, observing and stimulating, from the past with Archimedes in Syracuse, to the future with Inertial Confinement Fusion; from the telescope observation of 13 billion years old photons to the ultimate interferometer to measure gravitational waves. Even if it concerns various fields from astronomy, defense, health, to energy, I will mostly focus on microelectronic applications where the expression "Photon Swiss Knife" has been an everyday evidence for me. Nevertheless, I will expand to other fields, establish similarities and open the door to the cross-fertilization of sciences.


    Mr. Camille Midrier

    Research & Development Engineer at Athéor


    Camille Midrier studied organic chemistry from 2003 to 2007 at the chemistry school of Lyon (CPE Lyon). He continued with a PhD thesis in the chemistry school of Montpellier (ENSCM) in collaboration with Bayer Cropscience focusing on the development of a new herbicide. After his PhD in 2010, he worked in both academic and industrial laboratories. He joined Athéor in 2016 and is currently responsible for the development and the formulation of new ink for glass marking applications. He is also in charge of the industrial development of the glass marking process.


    Presentation: “Innovative Solution for Indelible Glass Marking”


    Abstract: Athéor has developed an innovative chemical method that solves the problem of indelible glass marking. The developed ink, glass’in, is invisible under ambient light and visible under UV for traceability applications. Glass' in® allows a unitary, visible or invisible coding dedicated to the traceability of glass packaging (bottles, bulbs, syringes…). It is deposited by inkjet, then transformed into glass, under UV activation. Incorporating optically active compounds, it is readable by industrial readers. Thanks to its tracing and authenticating properties, it protects the brands and the distribution networks by giving means to fight against the grey market and counterfeiting. In production, it avoids the cross-contamination (anti-mixture). The product is designed for the glassmakers and the conditioning industries who use glass as packaging material in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Wines & Spirits sectors.


    Mr. Brice Villier

    OEM Product Manager at HORIBA Scientific


    Brice Villier is an OEM Product Manager at HORIBA Scientific, formerly Jobin Yvon. Engineer in Optics, he first worked in the field of nuclear physics by developing x-ray imaging system for tracer imaging on MegaJoule facility. After graduating in 2006, he moved to Hamamatsu Photonics France as a Sales engineer in the Systems division, focused on Scientific cameras for Physics Lab. Passionate about photonics and electronic technology, he was in charge of the OEM Customer System division and took an internal sales support role for new technologies at the France office.

    In 2013, he moved to Horiba Scientifics as an OEM Sales engineer for diffraction gratings and spectroscopy modules. Since 2016, he acts as an OEM Product Manager taking and developing new devices, markets and applications for Worldwide OEM customers and internal Horiba customers.


    Presentation: “Smart spectrometers using Hamamatsu BT CCD”


    Abstract: Spectroscopic devices were until recently complex devices to interface with production tools, requiring local computers and software development and maintenance. Industry tendency is to develop new kind of Smart sensors that can operate in standalone and communicate with facility management tools.

    This conference will show a new electronics platform driven by Hamamatsu BT CCD sensor and the concept for spectroscopic devices with onboard processing directly controlling semiconductor tools based on Plasma Etching (EndPoint detection) and the report to production facility though Ethernet interface. This concept is also applicable in various process applications promoting the adoption of photonics technologies in industry by non-specialists.