Hamamatsu News 2 / 2017

OPTO-SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS 19 News 2017 Vol. 2 New CMOS Area Image Sensors S11680-71-02/-82-02 Academic Res. ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicon Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical Image sensors with a USB cable These CMOS area image sensors have 1.5 megapixels (1,000 x 1,500), each of which is 20 x 20 μm in size. They have a built-in photodiode that detects light irradiation. The type with a fiber optics plate (FOP) has a flat surface, which is suitable for bonding optical components. These products are sensitive to visible light, but X-ray imaging becomes possible by mounting scintillators on pixels. Features „ „ Thin package: 21.8 x 35.4 x 1.5 t mm (S11680-71-02) „ „ Built-in photodiode that detects light irradiation „ „ USB 2.0 interface Applications „ „ Scientific analysis „ „ Scintillator evaluation „ „ Non-destructive X-ray inspection (Additional scintillator is required.) S11680-71-02/-82-02 Specifications Parameter S11680-71-02 S11680-82-02 Unit Image size 20 x 30 mm Pixel size (H x V) 20 x 20 μm Number of pixels 1,000 x 1,500 pixels System gain 60 e - /LSB FOP None With FOP - Dimensional outline (unit: mm) 21.8 Photosensitive area 20.0 35.4 Photosensitive area 30.0 3.0 FOP CMOS chip 1.5 Dimensional outline S11680-82-02