Hamamatsu News 2 / 2017

ELECTRON TUBE PRODUCTS 25 News 2017 Vol. 2 New 110 kV Microfocus X-Ray Source L12531 Sealed type microfocus X-ray source with the world’s highest level of performance This new sealed type microfocus X-ray source uses a transmission target to achieve high resolution, high magnification, and wide radiation angle while still maintaining the advantages of the sealed type such as maintenance-free operation, a compact and lightweight design, and low power consumption. It offers the world’s highest level of performance among sealed type X-ray sources. Differences from previous models Compared to previous models, this sealed type microfocus X-ray source has improved performance: about a 2-fold increase in test chart resolution and a maximum 7-fold increase in magnification. This will extend X-ray inspection applications to handle complex PC boards where advances in miniaturization, higher density, and multilayering never stop. Features „ „ High resolution „ „ High magnification „ „ Wide radiation angle „ „ Maintenance free Applications „ „ Non-destructive inspection „ „ X-ray CT „ „ Compatible samples • Electronic parts • PC boards • Plastic parts • Metal parts Comparison of magnification by resolution test chart ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicon Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical Academic Res. L12531 Specifications Parameter Specification Unit X-ray tube voltage operation setting range 40 to 110 kV X-ray tube current operation setting range 10 to 200 μA Maximum output 16 W Minimum resolution* 1 2 µm FOD (Focus to object distance) Approx. 1 mm X-ray beam angle* 2 Approx. 120 degree Dimensions 220 x 325.5 x 230 mm Weight* 3 Approx. 18 kg *1 Measured by using JIMA RT RC-02B chart *2 Reference value: With 50 % of maximum X-ray emission *3 This weight includes the accessories of approx. 0.3 kg Conventional type (FOD: 7 mm) L12531 (FOD: 1 mm)