Hamamatsu News 2 / 2017

SYSTEMS PRODUCTS 30 News 2017 Vol. 2 New X-ray TDI Camera C12300-321 Evolutional high speed scanning with TDI technology – bidirectional scanning operation is supported The X-ray TDI camera is useful for in-line applications requiring high-speed operation, high sensitivity and high resolution with wider area. With bidirectional scanning operation, it makes it possible to capture the objects effectively and improves the machine cycle time. Features „ „ High speed readout (20 kHz) „ „ Bidirectional scanning operation „ „ Improved radiation hardness „ „ High S/N ratio with 12-bit output Applications „ „ Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection „ „ Surface-mounted component inspection „ „ Battery inspection ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicon Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical Academic Res. C12300-321 Bidirectional scanning operation is supported C12300-321 enables the bidirectional scanning (inverse direction scanning) operation. It is useful when the scanning direction is different in the same inspection system or the rescanning is needed for NG judgement. Also the machine cycle time can be improved for large objects such as PCBs. Specifications Parameter Specification Unit Effective X-ray tube voltage range Approx. 25 to 130* 1 kV CCD pixel size 48 x 48 μm Number of pixels 4,608 (H) x 150 (V) - X-ray sensitive area 221.1 (H) x 7.2 (V) mm Line speed 0.576 to 57.6 m/min TDI line rate 1 x 1 Max. 20.0 kHz (57.6 m/min) - Binning 2 x 2 Max. 15.0 kHz (86.4 m/min) - *1 Usable range of X-ray strength may vary depending on the tube current, the tube voltage and the distance.