Hamamatsu News 2 / 2017

News 2017 Vol. 2 7 Content Academic Research ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicond. Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical OPTO-SEMICONDUCTOR PRODUCTS 16 InGaAs Linear Image Sensors G13913-128FB/-256FG 17 Infrared LED L13072-0120P, L13895-0145P, L12509-0155P 18 LCOS-SLM Modules X11840/X13268/X13139 Series 19 CMOS Area Image Sensors S11680-71-02/-82-02 20 Optics Modules C13398-01/-02 ELECTRON TUBE PRODUCTS 21 Multianode Photomultiplier Tube Assembly H13700 22 Photosensor Module H13229 23 Photon Counting Head H12775 24 MCP Assembly F13446-11 25 110 kV Microfocus X-Ray Source L12531 26 UV-LED Unit LIGHTNINGCURE ® LC-L5G/GC-113 27 UV-LED Unit LIGHTNINGCURE ® LC-L5G/GC-77S SYSTEMS PRODUCTS 28 Digital Slide Scanner NanoZoomer S360 C13220-01 29 Molecular Orientation Characteristic Measurement System 30 X-ray TDI Camera C12300-321 31 Digital CMOS Board Level Camera C13949-50U 32 Femtosecond Streak Camera FESCA-100 C11853-01 LASER PRODUCTS 33 CW Quantum Cascade Laser L12004, L12005, L12006 R&D Interview 8 An innovative step to expand X-ray inspection applications A sealed type MFX with a transmission target is now on the scene! Company News 12 The United Nations Global Compact 12 Technology Days 2017 – Chasing Photons in X-ray and Infrared Application Report 14 FISHing of gut microbiota with the NanoZoomer S60 SERVICE 34 Global Exhibitions 2017 and 2018 35 Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Sales Offices