Hamamatsu News 1 / 2018

ELECTRON TUBE PRODUCTS 23 News 2018 Vol. 1 Example of laser scanning measurement of fluorescent beads Data logger Power supply A13658 H12310 (Sold separately) PC Bundle fiber (Sold separately) Excitation laser (488 nm, 20 mW) Sample slide includes fluorescent beads (C14837 Invitrogen) Objective lens (5×) Long pass filter (505 nm) Beam splitter Galvano scanner Block diagram for measurement Example of fluorescence image GRATING LENS LENS Example laser scanning measurement of fluorescent beads PMT channels Sum signal 1 2 -10 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 High Sensitivity Compact Spectrometer A13658 ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicon Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical Academic Res. Ideal for simultaneous multi-wavelength spectral intensity measurements The A13658 is a compact polychromator with high diffraction efficiency designed for 16-channel linear multianode PMTs (H11459, H12310, H13197, H13964). When combined with one of these PMTs, the A13658 allows simultaneous spectral intensity measurements at 16 wavelengths using a multi-branch fiber bundle and is also ideal for spectrum measurement using a microscope. Features „ „ Compact: 40 % cubic volume of the current product (A10766) „ „ High diffraction efficiency Applications „ „ Flow cytometer „ „ Microscope A13658 Specifications Parameter Specification Unit Spectral response range 418 to 817 nm F value (NA) 2.5 (0.2) - Dispersion* 1 26 nm/mm Input slit size 0.8 x 7 mm *1 Dispersion is defined when 644 nm is adjusted at the center channel of PMT. The unit of dispersion is used as nm/mm. Because of 1 mm channel pitch of PMT, its dispersion is as same unit of nm/ch. New 16ch Linear array multianode PMT PMT designed to enable simultaneous multi­ channel measurements with high speed and high sensitivity 145 mm 124 mm 60 mm