Hamamatsu News 1 / 2018

ELECTRON TUBE PRODUCTS 24 News 2018 Vol. 1 New High Voltage Power Supply Module C13890-15 UL approved (UL60601-1) The C13890-15 is a PC-board mountable high-voltage power supply module that provides an output of -1,250 V/0.6 mA and UL approved one. Compared to the current product (C4900/-01 and C10673/-01), the C13890-15 operates with a wider input voltage range and operating ambient temperature range. It is also possible to directly replace the C13890-15 with them as both products have an identical pin assignment. Input voltage C13890-15: +11 V to +16 V C4900, C10673: +15 V±1 V C4900, C10673-01: +12 V±0.5 V Operating ambient temperature range C13890-15: -10 deg. C. to +60 deg. C. C4900/-01, C10673/-01: 0 deg. C. to +50 deg. C. Features „ „ Wide input voltage range and operating ambient temperature range „ „ Low ripple/noise „ „ Compact, light weight „ „ High stability „ „ Low power consumption Application „ „ Photomultiplier tube operation Academic Res. ND Inspection Industry Security Optical Comms Semicon Prod. Analytical Measurement Drug Discovery Life Science Medical C13890-15 Specifications Parameter Specification Unit Input voltage +11 to +16 V Maximum output voltage -1,250 V Maximum output current 0.6 mA Ripple/noise (p-p)* 1 38 mV Operating ambient temperature* 1 -10 to +60 deg.C. Weight 29 g *1 At maximum output voltage/current