Hamamatsu News 1 / 2018

26 News 2018 Vol. 1 Femtosecond Streak Camera FESCA-100 C11853-01 Measurement of single ultrafast phenomena with high temporal resolution (100 femtoseconds) Streak image and intensity profile of light pulse from Ti:Sapphire laser measured with the FESCA-100 Features „ „ 100 femtosecond temporal resolution (typ.) „ „ Simultaneous measurement of light intensity on both the temporal and spatial axis „ „ Real time analysis is possible with the dedicated readout system Applications „ „ Measurement of electron bunch for synchrotron and LINAC applications „ „ Analysis of the ultrastructure of laser waveform along optical waveguides „ „ Diagnosis of femtosecond lasers 10.85 ps 103.8 fs Measurement of light phenomena with 1×10 -13 second (100 femtoseconds) is possible! fs (typ.) Temporal resolution New