Hamamatsu News 1 / 2019

Cover Story News 2019 Vol. 1 2 Photonics for a healthier future To live a long and healthy life. We are constantly thinking about what is needed to make this wish a reality. Quickly discovering any and all types of diseases in the body, finding diseases in a way that is kinder to the human body, offering patients better and more potent medicines, or new surgical techniques. We believe that photonics technology can help achieve all of these needs. 'Creating a future where people stay active while improving their mental and physical health.' To achieve this goal, we showed you our vision of how photonics technology can play a major role in the future of health care. Safer, more secure and comfortable. Photonics for the automotive future Recent automotive technology includes sophisticated functions such as electrical motorization, self-driving vehicles and driver monitoring. We want everyone to know and spread the word about how photonics tech­ nology is essential for bringing about improved automotive performance and reliability, as well as greater satisfaction from vehicle users. We will continue our efforts to serve as a key enabling technology supplier for the automotive future. Photonics for a better life The Life Zone exhibition concept is the idea that photonics technology brings warm and friendly communication along with day-to-day happiness. A world where everyone can live a pleasant and abundant life – isn’t that the life we all want? 'Working for a world where everyone can live a pleasant and abundant life' See what photonics technology can do to transform our current lives into a more plentiful future. LIFE Main exhibits Compact spectrum sensors IR-enhanced distance image sensors iPMSEL ® (integrable Phase Modulating Surface Emitting Lasers) UVTRON  ® Main exhibits Avalanche photodiodes for LiDAR Pulsed laser diodes for LiDAR MEMS mirrors Semiconductor failure analysis systems Automotive MEDICAL & LIFE SCIENCE Main exhibits MPPC modules for PET scanner Photomultiplier tubes for laboratory testing NanoZoomer ® digital slide scanners Scintillator plates for x-ray imaging In November 2018, Hamamatsu Photonics hosted PHOTON FAIR, an exclusive exhibition to demonstrate the Company's vision for the future. The event theme was “Journey to the future of Photonics with Hamamatsu” and included the following zones.