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  • Exclusive Interview: Peter Seitz Reveals Hamamatsu Photonics Europe's New Pilot Lines Service for Advanced Module Solutions

  • In this interview with Peter Seitz, Senior Technologist at Hamamatsu Photonics Europe, we explore the objectives behind the innovative Pilot Lines service, set to push the boundaries of the photonics industry. As one of the leaders of this new service, Seitz provides insights into the partnership with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, key benefits for clients, and the strategic significance of this initiative.

  • Can you tell us more about the partnership between Hamamatsu and Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and how it led to the creation of the Pilot Lines service?

  • Certainly. Our recent collaboration with VUB, a prestigious European research institute, enabled us to join forces with PhotonHub Europe, a leading digital innovation hub for photonics. This alliance has been pivotal in implementing the Pilot Lines service. While PhotonHub Europe has established a unique European full-service one-stop-shop Photonics Innovation Hub, Hamamatsu is contributing its strong industrialization and production experience, with the aim of jointly bridging the gap between conceptualization and market-ready photonics products.

  • What prompted Hamamatsu to initiate the Pilot Lines service, and how does it contribute to the company's strategic objectives?

  • We recognize the strategic significance of Pilot Lines in the photonics industry, and we want to extend the lessons learned from the amazing success of microelectronics to the photonics world: Smart miniaturization and integration are the key to more reliable yet more cost-effective products. This initiative aligns with our commitment to strengthening our market position and enhancing our capabilities in optics and system intelligence. By offering a one-stop-shop solution for photonics product development, we not only streamline the process for our clients but also solidify our position as an industry leader in innovation and customer-centric solutions.

  • Could you elaborate on the key offerings and benefits that the Pilot Lines service provides to clients?

  • Of course!  The Pilot Lines service offers many benefits to our clients including establishing a single point of contact for the entire photonics product development cycle and ensuring a seamless experience from conceptualization to full-scale production. This is of particular importance at the present time because the impending PIC revolution (Photonics Integrated Circuits) makes many entrepreneurs wonder what the optimum miniaturization/integration compromises are for their photonics products. The idea is to streamline product development to reduce complexity, expedite time-to-market, and maximize value proposition. We wish to provide free feasibility consulting and assist clients with custom integration strategies to optimize cost-effectiveness and performance. We would be there from start to finish to ensure that the final products meet the clients’ specific needs and market demands. This includes guaranteeing intellectual property rights and mitigating risks associated with mass production for a smooth transition from prototype to commercial products approved by Hamamatsu.

  • How does Hamamatsu plan to launch and promote the Pilot Lines service to potential clients?

  • The Pilot Lines service will be officially launched during our Technology Days event across Europe. Keynote speakers from both Hamamatsu and PhotonHub will provide further insights and details into how this service enables the transition of photonics-based technologies from early-stage development to market-ready products, generating maximum value for our industrial partners.

  • What role do you envision the Pilot Lines service playing in the future of photonics product development, both for Hamamatsu and the industry as a whole?

  • The Pilot Lines service represents a significant advancement in photonics product development, not only for Hamamatsu but also for the industry at large. By offering a comprehensive and integrated solution, we aim to drive innovation, accelerate time-to-market, and empower our clients to transform their photonics innovations into reality. This service underscores our commitment to advancing the field of photonics and reinforces our position as a trusted partner for our client's success. Our experience in microelectronics has shown us that you incessantly need to adapt your design compromises to the rapidly changing availability of discrete and integrated photonics components or PICs. So, one thing is for sure for our Pilot Lines: We need to watch the microelectronics and photonics industry very closely and persistently so that our Pilot Lines will always be on top of the design and manufacturing capabilities of the global photonics industry.

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