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  • Program

    The program has been meticulously prepared so you can enjoy a diversity of industry insights from engaging presentations to live demonstrations and time to network with key industry experts.

  • New Pilot Lines Service for advanced module solutions

    Technology Days will launch a new service called ‘Pilot Lines’ joining Hamamatsu and PhotonHub experts. Through instructive presentations by keynote speakers, we will explore how we can help you bridge the gap between the initial conceptualization of a photonics module to the realization of a reliable, market-ready product.

    Pilot Lines is designed to inspire as well as provide a comprehensive view of how we can work together to enable the transition of photonics-based technologies from early-stage development to final products. 

  • Networking & Product Demos

    During your lunchtime break, you will have the chance to network and speak with like-minded industry professionals and stop at one of our many product-demonstration stands. Each stand will be led by a Technical Marketing Engineer who will explain how the product works and how it can benefit you. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the latest technology.

    The following product demos will be showcased:

    • FTIR Engine: differentiating between sugar and sweetener
    • MEMS FPI Module
    • LCOS beam shaping
    • MPPC (space cosmic ray)
    • Water pollution monitoring with Xenon-Flash Lamp and Micro-Spectrometer
    • LiDAR

  • Mini Photon Fair

    Every five years, Hamamatsu Photonics in Japan presents ‘Photon Fair’ where our technological advancements and capabilities in photonics are demonstrated in a dynamic setting. Bringing the essence of the last Photon Fair to our Technology Day Event, we will showcase our innovative optical technologies through presentations from our specialists, together with videos and Q&As as a preview of what’s to come in the future of photonics.

    The presentations will cover these topics:

    • UV detection: UVtron and Arc Splash camera ICMOS
    • SPOLD for printed electronics
    • MEMS FPI module - Sugar types HS (Hyperspectral)
    • Orca Quest: Photon Counting (Quantum)
    • MEMS Mirrors for OCT
    • InGaAs Area sensors module for hyperspectral imaging

    • Raman - Living & Drinks
    • Organic Photodiode
    • LCOS - Quantum

  • Hunting in the Quantum Universe

    Led by Peter Seitz, our esteemed Senior Technologist at Hamamatsu Photonics Europe (also Prof. em. Optoelectronics, EPFL, Co-President SATW, and Executive Board Member Photonics21), this presentation will focus on the complex and topical subject of quantum technology. Expect to learn more about its relation to photonics, where to find the “low-hanging fruits” and its key markets. Known for his exceptional educational approach, you will be sure to benefit from his rigorous scientific background and his playful tone.


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