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Hamamatsu Photonics

Hamamatsu Photonics Digital Pathology Workshops


  • Thank you for your interest in the Hamamatsu Digital Pathology Workshops

    Our free of charge workshops will be held in parallel with Global Engage Digital Pathology & AI Congress and therefore you must be registered to attend the Digital Pathology & AI Congress in order to attend a workshop. All Hamamatsu workshops will be held in room ‘Wilbur 2’.

    If you have not registered for the event, please click on the following link:

    If you have already registered for the Digital Pathology & AI Congress, please complete the registration form below and select which workshops you would like to attend. You will then receive a confirmation email confirming your attendance to the selected workshop.

    If you require any additional information regarding the Hamamatsu Photonics workshops please contact:

    Workshop agenda:

    Digital pathology is now widely accepted for diagnosis in Europe as a solution to improve patient healthcare. Hamamatsu have organised workshops at the digital pathology congress with some of our digital pathology solution providers to introduce options to achieve a digital pathology solution that is right for your environment.

    • Introductions to Hamamatsu Photonics and Inspirata
    • Digital pathology workflow
    • Hands on experience
    • Hamamatsu scanner demonstration
    • Questions and Answers
  • 7th December 13:45-14:30pm Workshop 4: Hamamatsu & Inspirata

    Inspirata Europe provide oncology diagnostics workflow solutions that span digital pathology; diagnostic and predictive assays; and precision medicine. In collaborating with Hamamatsu Photonics on this shared workshop, Inspirata look forward to showcasing how their digital pathology solution, DynamyxTM, satifies the important dual requirements of empowering the modern pathologist while reducing case turnaround times by safely accelerating the overall pathology workflow. Developed from the ground up to support high-throughput laboratories specifically, DynamyxTM:
    • Introduces purpose-built pathology AND laboratory workstations conceived to reflect the varied responsibilities of different laboratory end-users.
    • Represents an ‘open’ solution meaning Inspirata will work with relevant major providers in the digital pathology ecosystem – whether already bought or still under consideration – providing the laboratory with the freedom to leverage the blend of technologies which most closely satisfy their requirements.
    • Supports Hamamatsu native .ndpi images meaning existing and future customers can utilise the high quality whole slide images produced by the diverse range of Hamamatsu scanners.
    • Possesses intuitive workstation user-interfaces designed to warrant ease of adoption by laboratory staff irrespective of their typical levels of comfort with information technology.
    • Significantly reduces the level of effort and the internal and external costs associated with routine laboratory workflows such as MDT preparation and the physical couriering of slides.
    • Affords real-time transparency to the case-workload for individual and aggregate pathologists enabling improved forecasting of backlogs and greater efficiency in scheduling locum cover.
    • Provides end-to-end visibility of case progression, together with the necessary tools to ensure cases are efficiently and effectively allocated according to patient priorities and laboratory targets.
    • Facilitates LEAN laboratory processes by being fully configurable for ‘pull’, ‘push’ and ‘pool’ case-allocation.
    • Provides enhanced security by allowing laboratory and/or IT management to control access rights, passwords and user privileges through the presence of an application configurator.
    • Is offered as a solution-as-a-service whereby the technology is coupled with initial and ongoing access to an Inspirata Application Specialist for best practice guidance, training and validation.
    For more information, please visit or contact