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Gas Analysis

Devices for gas analysis applications

  • Application Examples

    Opto-electronic components can be used in a wide range of gas analysis applications.

    If you have found a completely new application, please contact your local Hamamatsu Photonics office

  • Exhaust gas measurement

    Exhaust Gas Measurement

    Long wavelength infrared sensors and QCLs can be used for gas analysis applications, such as monitoring the exhaust gasses of cars. Typically gas analysis is performed in test facilities using big IR spectrometers with lamps.

    The challenge is how to miniaturize such instruments so that they are precise and reliable enough for in-car measurement.

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  • Driver health monitoring

    Breath Analysis

    The vital signs of humans are body temperature, heart rate, respiration rate and blood pressure, all of which can be measured with optical sensors and used for the monitoring of the drivers health. Consumer devices, such as fitness wristbands and smart watches, have already started to spread in the market and use such


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  • Explosive Gas detection in chemical plants / Oil rigs

    Methane detection

    Xenon flash lamps and other mid-IR light sources with InGaAs and InAsSb detectors can be used to target explosive gases and provide early warning in hazardous environments.

  • Flue Monitor

    Flue Monitor

    Using mid-IR light sources with InAsSb detectors, key exhaust gases such as NOx, H2S, CO2, CO can be detected and analyzed to sub-ppm levels on site and in real-time.

  • CO2 measurement in plant factories

    CO2 Measurement in plant factories

    Using mid-IR LEDs tuned to the specific absorption frequency of CO2, growth conditions of plants can be closely monitored and controlled.

  • Atmosphere analysis / Exhaust gas monitoring

    Atmosphere Analysis

    The high power of QCLs in combination with the high sensitivity of InAsSb Detectors allows for atmospheric monitoring over large distances via Cavity-Ring-Down Spectroscopy. The precise emission of QCLs can target the majority of gases attributed to pollution.

  • Analysis of gases in exhaled breath

    Breath Analysis

    The high metabolic rates of cancer cells mean they produce significantly more CO2 than regular cells. QCLs allow the user to target the higher absorption bands of CO2 in the mid-IR and distinguish the minute differences between healthy patients and those in early stages of critical diseases.