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Gas Analysis

Devices for gas analysis applications

  • Overview of light sources and detectors

    Optical measurement of gases, atoms and molecules such as NOx (nitrogen oxide) and SOx (sulfur oxide) having absorption characteristics in the mid-infrared spectral range from 3 µm to 10 µm are the focus of a lot of recent attention. Many equipment manufacturers are now designing products that focus on this mid-infrared spectral region. To meet these needs, Hamamatsu Photonics is developing their own light-sensing and emitting devices for mid-infrared measurements. There are very few manufacturers in the world that can produce both light emitting and sensing devices.


    Line-up of light sources and detectors

    Lineup of light sources and detectors

    Products for gas analysis applications

  • Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)

    Quantum Cascade Lasers

    Quantum Cascade Lasers are semiconductor lasers that offer peak emission in the mid-IR range (4 µm to 10 µm). They have gained considerable attention as a new light source for mid-IR applications such as molecular gas analysis.

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  • InAsSb Photovoltaic Detector

    InAsSb photovoltaic detector

    InAsSb photovoltaic detectors deliver high sensitivity in the 5 µm or 8 µm band due to our unique crystal growth technology.

    Our detectors offer fast response, high S/N and are ideal for gas analysis applications.

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  • High Power Mid-IR LEDs

    Mid-IR LED

    Our new range of Mid-IR LEDs are designed to compliment our InAsSb detectors. We offer emission wavelengths suited to the measurement of Methane and CO2. They offer higher luminous output compared to other Mid-IR LEDs available in the market, which enables a higher S/N ratio.

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  • NIR LEDs

    Infrared LED L12509-0155K

    The NIR and mid-IR spectral range includes numerous gas absorption lines used for analysis and measurements.
    Hamamatsu have developed a range of NIR and mid-IR LEDs using their own crystal growth and process technology. These include SWIR (short-wavelength infrared) 1 µm to 1.55 µm and MWIR (mid-wavelength infrared) 3 µm to 5 µm.

    We can provide a variety of devices with different peak emission wavelengths to match your application.


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  • Xenon Flash Lamp (Xe-F)

    Xenon Flash Lamp

    Xenon flash lamps are more compact than continuous mode lamps and build up less heat. They provide a high-intensity continuous spectrum from deep ultraviolet light through to infrared light. Thanks to improved electrode construction and materials, Hamamatsu’s xenon flash lamps also offer 5 times more arc stability and 10 times longer life compared to conventional lamps.
    The broad spectral range of xenon flash lamps make them suitable for a diverse range of gas analysis  applications.


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  • InGaAs Photodiodes

    G12180 series

    Hamamatsu has designed and developed advanced InGaAs photodiodes that feature high speed, high sensitivity and low noise over a spectral range 0.5 µm to 2.6 µm.
    We provide a wide range of InGaAs photodiodes in a
    variety of packages including metal, ceramic and
    surface mount. We can also manufacture custom
    products to meet your specific requirements.

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    The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor is an ultra-compact sensor which houses a MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tuneable filter that can vary its transmission wavelength depending on the applied voltage and InGaAs PIN photodiode in a single package.
    The spectral response range is 1550 to 1850 nm. Due to its size, it is ideal for installation into compact devices for identifying materials in plastic and solutions and other similar applications.

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  • Next to our main product groups in focus Hamamatsu Photonics offers various devices for gas analyzer:

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