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Hamamatsu Photonics



  • Who are the Hamamatsu Photonics Rapid Design Group?

    Hamamatsu Photonics established the Rapid Design Group (RDG) to work with customers, and Hamamatsu's internal divisions, to provide design-in support and rapid prototype development of modules.

    Based in Europe, they offer a range of services to support your specific application needs and requirements.
    From your idea to design-in phase, evaluation to mass production, RDG have the engineering disciplines,
    technical expertise and know-how to take you easily through the entire development process.

    If you already have an idea for your next Project, but have limited resources to design such a module –
    RDG can discuss the development process of a module for you to test and evaluate.

    If you think that a Hamamatsu device could be suitable for your project but need support to get the
    device up and running in your environment – RDG can provide you with expert technical advice to help
    you optimally use the device for your application.


    How does the RDG service benefit you?



    How does RDG work?




    Through the design-in phase, they provide you with technical expertise to:

    • Help you to get our device up and running quickly and smoothly
    • Help you to choose the optimal device for your application
    • Help you to understand and interpret the output signal from our device
  • The Expertise of Our Engineering Team

    Rapid design of modules

    RDG design modules based on a Hamamatsu device to meet your specific design needs.
    They can provide rapid design of module prototypes for device evaluation and proof-of-concept
    validation. RDG can then move from evaluation to mass production.


    Expertise RDG






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