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Hamamatsu Photonics

Customized Modules

  • What are Custom Detector Modules?

    In addition to these ‘off-the-shelf’ devices, Hamamatsu can create custom modules by partnering with companies. These custom modules could be as simple as improving the detector’s efficiency at a specific wavelength, or as complicated as adding intelligence to a detector so it can make decisions and only send useful information back to the central processing unit.  


    Examples where we already added intelligence are for compact, simple operation of TOF-PET and 3D industrial LiDAR.

    It might be a small customisation of existing Hamamatsu devices or require designing and building a new device from the start. It will vary based the application and your needs.

  • Hamamatsu can customise or develop the following aspects of a Module:

    • MEMS Fabrication - create the desired size, shape, properties and more
    • Optics - lenses, mirrors, filters etc
    • Sensor - select from standard sensor components or have Hamamatsu develop a new one
    • ASIC - include signal conditioning and/or a microcontroller to add intelligence to the sensor
    • Software - Hamamatsu can design firmware and application software
  • Benefits of a Customer Detector Module


    There are many benefits of having a custom device developed specifically for your application:

    • Get detector performance optimised for your application.
    • Reduced the size of your detector by integrating your detector and circuitry on one chip.
    • Take advantage of the reduced operating power and faster operating speeds of ASICs verses PCBs.
    • Reduce the risk of developing a new product. There’s no need to train or hire staff to build the circuitry around an off-the-shelf detector. Rely on Hamamatsu’s expertise in sensors, analogue circuits, digital circuits, photonics applications, chip fabrication, software development and more.
    • Make your systems easier to maintain or upgrade by just needing to replace the module for a new one.
    • Protect your IP. Reverse engineering ASICs is significantly harder than PCBs.
    • Guarantee a long term supply as custom modules won’t become end-of-life.
    • Add intelligence to your sensor with microcontrollers of FPGAs.
    • Take advantage of the fact that a custom module usually has a lower final cost for higher volumes when you account for savings in development time.
  • How Will Hamamatsu Work With You?


    If you decide to work with Hamamatsu, the first step will be to meet with an engineer to discuss your requirements.

    You’ll cover topics such as:

    • Functionality and performance requirements (ideal and current set up)
    • Sample characteristics e.g. wavelength, light intensity, movement, size of object(s), operating speed
    • External dimensions and interface
    • Price target
    • Relevant industry standards e.g. CE, FDA, AEC-Q100
    • Alignment of future product roadmap

    Hamamatsu’s manufacturing team will then put together a plan of what opto-semiconductor device(s), optics, circuitry and software are required and start to build your design.  

    This will be based on our extensive experience combined with the latest modelling tools to reach the precise performance – cost target for your application.

    Throughout the process there will be frequent communication and iterations on designs to ensure a high quality finished device that works for you.  You will have the opportunity to test prototypes and Hamamatsu can run tests for you too.


    Once satisfied, your module will go into mass production. 

    Timeframe will vary significantly from case to case depending whether you request a simple customisation of an existing module or a completely new device.


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