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Hamamatsu Photonics


  • We are pleased to welcome you to the Medical technologies area of our new TechBite video series. In this series of videos you will learn how Hamamatsu is working in collaboration with commercial organisations in the medical field, employing light in the treatment and diagnosis of a wide range of diseases including COVID-19, cancer and sepsis.

    Hamamatsu has a long history of working with and supporting medical device and medical imaging developments. Please enjoy this series of videos and learn more about the critical technologies employed, including SiPM and PMT photodetectors; photodiodes and image sensors; and spectroscopy and imaging solutions.



    Hamamatsu’s involvement in the application of Sepsis detection.

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    Breath Biopsy

    How Hamamatsu technologies can be implemented into a cutting-edge medical diagnostic process.

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    Liquid Biopsy

    Hamamatsu’s involvement in the application of Liquid Biopsy

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    Medical Diagnostics for COVID-19

    Photonics technologies for the fight against COVID-19.

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    Mini Spectrometers

    What are mini-spectrometers and how can they be used in the medical industry?

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