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  • We take the innovations demonstrated by your research lab or university partner and transform them into products that can be produced in any quantity you require, always ensuring the best return on investment. We serve as the bridge between lab-scale and full-scale manufacturing of photonics modules and integrated photonics systems. We close that gap because we understand the art of compromise in design, particularly for mass production.


    First, we can provide you with the most modern components available, offering a range of options to suit your needs. This is our strength: components. We have the experience, capabilities, and technological know-how.


    This includes detectors, light manipulation devices, and emitting technology. We are a one-stop shop for photonics components for your Pilot Line custom system. However we cannot do this alone, which is why we have partners to broaden our expertise offer.


  • Process

  • PhotonHub partnership

    Our recent collaboration with VUB, a prestigious European research institute, has enabled us to join forces with PhotonHub Europe, a leading digital innovation hub for photonics. This alliance has been pivotal in implementing the Pilot Line service.


    PhotonHub provides European photonics and non-photonics companies, particularly SMEs and mid-caps, with open access and guided orientation to a broad range of services and capabilities.


    While PhotonHub Europe has established a unique European full-service, one-stop-shop Photonics Innovation Hub, Hamamatsu is contributing its strong industrialization and production experience. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between conceptualization and market-ready photonics products.


  • What is the process flow?

    • Step 1: Select the services of interest and register online

    • Step 2: Technology orienteering

    • Step 3: Initial expert assessment

    • Step 4: Project proposal

    • Step 5: Project evaluation

    • Step 6: Contract signing and kick-off

  • Additional resources from Technology Days 2024

  • Hamamatsu’s Pilot Line was launched during our latest Technology Days event, a Europe-wide photonics event. Below, you will find the presentations shared during the event, along with two video recordings that provide detailed insights into the Pilot Line service.


  • Pilot Line recording 1: Pilot Line Introduction and Hamamatsu expertise

  • Pilot Line recording 2: PhotonHub expertise



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